Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans

― John Lennon

My Hormone Balance Plan

I have worked with thousands of women over the years all presenting many differing symptoms like weight gain, headaches, pms, depression, skin problems, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, pcos, asthma, diabetes etc and they all have one thing in common! Hormone imbalances.

Yes I have found that once we treat and heal the organ and it’s hormone gland the body heals.



Essential Oils for Support

I have always had a few oils beside my bed & beside the bath but I didn’t know that much about them. Lavender was my first oil and is a busy woman’s best friend in my opinion. What I didn’t know was the difference in the quality of the essential oils on offer and their importance in our healing journey. DoTERRA oils speak for themselves once your senses get tantalised by them and soon they become as important as eating and sleeping. Self Care is a word I certainly was taught as a child and neither was my mum or grandmother but is definitely a way of being that I teach my kids and oils play a major part in that. Essential oils heal the physical, emotional and spiritual body by raising our energetic vibration, keeping lower energies away. Many of us have not been taught to feel our feelings, let alone release negative emotions so they end up becoming stagnant in the body. Essential oils help to release these emotions like anxiety, grief, anger, low self worth etc…so that we can live in an environment of balance and peace which is certainly what I am aiming for.

I avoided allowing doTERRA oils into my life as I didn’t believe they were as good as they proclaimed but yet I could feel the difference when I used them at various events and trade shows. I suffer headaches and was at the Sunflower Festival in Belfast last summer and got a bad one and there was a stand of doTERRA oils and Peppermint was suggested and within 5 minutes it had lifted! Then I started doing my research and with the way my business and experiences of healing the body was going I knew I needed to test them. I believe that physical ailments manifest emotionally first even as far back as to childhood.  My personal tool kit had grown from simply being a nutritionist and focusing on food to adopting a more holistic approach consisting of good nutrition, mindfulness, food grade supplement and yoga. DoTERRA oils were like the missing link that fitted nice and easily into this protocol and actually turned things around massively for me. I started with one oil called Balance which transformed my hyperactive child to calmness and then tried one for me to help with focus and was sold within days. I would highly recommend if you are interested to book a 30 min call me over the phone and simply tell me what your health or wellbeing goals or concerns are and we can go from there. You can go away have a think about it, pick up a free sample and try that, buy one oil or invest in you and your family and buy a kit to tell the universe that you mean business. The beauty of buying a kit means that you will automatically be set up as a wholesaler to get 25% of any future orders even if you never order again the option is there. No commitment to buy is required. If you decide you want to re-order as I ran out of my kit in a month (bought the small sample kit- bad move) you can collect loyalty points and receive free products. If then after a while or even right from the start that you want to earn extra money you can start sharing and selling the oils and I will be there to mentor you throughout it all. My oil journey has been about going with the flow (literally lol)…USE – GIVE- RECEIVE. You will also join my oils mentor group where I post daily and weekly on how to use them physically and emotionally in our daily lives.

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Vitamin & Minerals for Cellular Health

There are many different vitamin and mineral brands on the market so it can get confusing which ones to buy.Cytoplan supplements are food state grade, meaning the body recognises them as food because they are absorbed at a cellular level into the body.Cytoplan is wholly owned by a charitable foundation, which , for me, is an added bonus to their exceptional products.Food state and wholefood vitamin & mineral supplements help to support the body back to total health and wellbeing.



Healthy food delivered to your door

I am a busy mum of 3 but I want my family to make healthy choices where possible with as little stress as possible.Amazon is convenient as you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home, their prices are cheaper than high stress health food shops, they accept returns easily, they have a wide variety of options to choose from and you can go organic! What more could a woman ask for.