Let me guide you on this journey of self discovery to learn how to Love, understand and reconnect with your body

Women’s Wellbeing Workshop

‘How to create and maintain hormonal balance and flow in your life’

Re-Balance • Re-Root • Re-Connect
…with your body, mind & hormonal cycle

My Wellbeing Pal brings you informative, fun and relaxing training to help balance Your hormones and achieve ‘Total Body Wellbeing’

As a holistic therapist I know that working with one area in isolation will only give limited results.

Therefore I have created this unique workshop to help you to LOVE, UNDERSTAND and RECONNECT with your body and have chosen 13th May to connect with the amazing energy on offer so hope you sign up fast as there are limited places available.

This one-off workshop will take place on the 13th May in The Studio, 1c Ballynure Road, Ballyclare from 14.00-16.30 with ample parking available.

What you will LEARN:

Which of your HORMONE glands are out of balance and needs your focus so that you have more energy and motivation
★ How to DE-STRESS and CALM the mind to live life in flow and only attract positive things
★ How to RE-CONNECT with you and your body wisdom and magic so that you know when your body needs to rest, retreat or recreate
★ What foods to reduce, avoid and eat for your body to achieve TOTAL BODY WELLNESS helping you to experience glowing skin, better mood, restful sleep and the ideal body weight
★ A simple breathing and movement DAILY PRACTICE to do at home to flush the hormone glands allowing your to take control of your own health journey
★ The POWER & SUPPORT of women taking responsibility for their own wellbeing together with a few giggles along the way!!

Workshop OUTLINE for the day:

Visual guided meditation to re balance & re-root energy centres via connection to your feminine wisdom
★ Education session and sampling of essentials oils recommend for hormonal health
★ Movement and breathing sequence for relaxation and hormone flush
★ Nutritional plan and recipe guide for balancing hormones
★ Free hormonal daily oil spray & crystal goodie bag to take home
★ Free snacks and kombucha throughout the day