"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

― Oscar Wilde

How I let go of shame and judgement and set myself free ?

This weekend I received a cry for help call from a dear friend who was feeling so low that she wanted to end her life…Many people judged her but it’s not what she needed.  No one knows how anyone is truly feeling and what causes them to feel so low that they want to end their own life.  I for one do so I was able to hold space for my friend, without judgement and just be there for her. 

How my wellbeing journey began when I took off my mask?

How my wellbeing journey began when I took off my mask?

I didn’t start off my journey as being healthy…far from it. My mum was a cook by trade, yes, but she was unhappy in her job, bless her, therefore cooking was a chore for her. She would come home stressed from her day and just bring us leftovers because money was tight and she had nothing left physically and emotionally to give. So I didn’t learn how to cook, I didn’t learn about the enjoyment and nourishment that food can bring. I learned that when you are stressed, sad, happy or emotional you take a biscuit or some chocolate to feel better. I learned that as girls it is not ok to feel anger, sadness, boredom, frustration otherwise my parents would not be happy with me so I put on a smile (or what I now know now as a mask) and pretended to be a ‘good girl’.