The idea for My Wellbeing Pal was birthed in 2013 after I had my third child. I was working in an unfulfilling corporate job that was stressing me out and just could not return to work after my maternity leave.

I was an emotional eater, suffered from bulimia in the past, experienced periods of anxiety and was addicted to sugar. I just ate down all my feelings because I didn’t have the emotional guidance system to help my mind or body cope. I was that hamster on life’s wheel – eating, working, managing a family, trying to exercise and find some sleep in between. I felt so stuck like life was passing me by but always had this knowing that there was more to life so I woke up!

My body had been giving me signals for years that I ignored, the physical pain of intense migraines, bloated tummy, joint pain, lack of sleep, low mood and inability to lose weight so I started listening. I went to a food intolerance therapist in 2004, starting researching about health and food because there was not as much available then and was literally a different person inside and out. Physically my body changed and healed 80% in a short period of time through dietary changes but my mind was where I started to notice the most difference. That voice in my head was quieter.

I started going to yoga & meditation classes to help calm it further and become more present in my life but I still wasn’t 100% healed so I started energy healing therapy to heal my inner child struggles and belief system that was holding me back from being whole again. Every day was a journey, yes it took time but boy was it worth it! I have connected to my body again, I was listening to the whispers of my soul and started to use my intuitive gifts rather than fighting them and a magic happened.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

― Lao Tzu